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Attraction Sites

Sang`alo Hills

It is one of the volcanic rocks that were formed due to geological process that took place several centuries ago.  It has several caves, a home of various trees with medicinal value.  The circumference of the hill is 22km and locals believe that it can take somebody two hours to walk around it.  It has several peaks once on top of the peaks it gives one a panoramic view of Bungoma town, Mumias, Webuye and a beautiful view of Nzoia and Mumias sugar belt.  It is a captivating tourist site

Wekelekha Rock Formations

The rocks are unique in that huge boulders rest on smaller rocks giving the impression that they may tilt at any time should strong winds sweep at the base, however the rocks are stable just like the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy. Small caves are also found dotting the rocks.

Mwibale wa Mwanja/Namakanda Rock

A volcanic pyramid-shaped rock rising over 300 feet above the ground and has a 25km circumference which takes around 2 hours to circum-navigate it. Once on the summit one can view the nearest towns of Bungoma, Mumias, Webuye and even Tororo in Uganda. The summit provides a panoramic view of the Nzoia and Mumias Sugar belts. The rock is also a source of springs such as Fuchani, Namasala and Mlondo and also has a cave called Mbinga. The rock is an attraction to tourists mainly for rock climbing.

Bukusu Cultural Centre in Kamukuywa

The Centre is a home of knowledge on the rich history of the Bukusu Clans with each clab having its own traditional rounded hut displaying its rich history from its origin, sub-clans, warriors, farm equipments, weapons, clothing,

Buteyo Miti Park Wildlife Conservancy

A serene quiet Wildlife conservancy with an acreage of over 50 Acres with varieties of indigenous trees. The park hosts lions, crocodiles, ostriches, colobus monkeys. The Conservancy also offers food, beverage and accommodation

Nabuyole Falls

Hidden jewel of nature, serenity and splendor, Nabuyole falls emanate from River Nzoia as it climbs Nabuyole and Chetambe hills and branches into seven smaller rivers which emerge and join again to form the breathtaking waterfall. Ideally the area around Nabuyole falls is of wonderful landscape which range from cliff paths to moorland and marshes that is also an ideal habitat for a variety of birdlife.

Mt. Elgon National Park, Forest Reserve and Chepkitale National Reserve

Mt. Elgon Ecosystem is an Afro-Montane forest ecosystem, located within the Lake Victoria basin on the Western Kenya – Eastern Uganda border. Mt. Elgon National Park is one of the un-spoilt / untamed and unexplored wildlife areas in Kenya. A visit offers excellent viewing of Elephants, buffalo, primates like colobus and blue monkeys, giant forest hogs, waterbucks and various species of antelope, over 240 bird species; Caves and Waterfalls. The main point of interest is the elephant maternity cave at Chesamo where elephants go for mating and just when they are about to deliver their young ones. Main activities include; trekking, bird watching, camping, game drives and cross boarder tourism.

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